Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mystery GOOGLE!

this is the greatest thing possibly EVER invented EVER!!!!!! you type in something and click search and instead of giving the results you would expect, you get the results of the person who searched before you! TOTALLY RANDOM! it is soo great! people type the funniest things ever! Some people give missions. some try to make conversation. some just type such random crap! i looove it, maybe you will tooo! Go to

it is also funny to type stuff in and see what google says back

type the word google

type some gibberish, and when google tells you to please not type gibberish, type the word "gibberish" it's hilarious

make some new friends. get sent on missions. the skies the limit for Mystery Google! PERFECT FOR PEOPLE WITH ADHD! HOURS OF FUN!!!

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