Sunday, October 17, 2010




Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Haha apparently some German guy tried to smuggle some lizards from New Zealand! and guess where he tried to hide them? IN HIS PANTS! hahahaha! i like lizards and all but not to the point where my pants become there new home! jeeez imagine how uncomfortable that must have been! and he got caught by airport officials so imagine how awkward that must have been. "sir please remove the lizards from your pants".oooh people you make me laugh!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Im coming back

SORRY! for the long absence of posting! i will be coming back very very soon with newer, crazier, and better posts than ever before. so keep coming back for more cuz if you want it we got it!


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mystery GOOGLE!

this is the greatest thing possibly EVER invented EVER!!!!!! you type in something and click search and instead of giving the results you would expect, you get the results of the person who searched before you! TOTALLY RANDOM! it is soo great! people type the funniest things ever! Some people give missions. some try to make conversation. some just type such random crap! i looove it, maybe you will tooo! Go to

it is also funny to type stuff in and see what google says back

type the word google

type some gibberish, and when google tells you to please not type gibberish, type the word "gibberish" it's hilarious

make some new friends. get sent on missions. the skies the limit for Mystery Google! PERFECT FOR PEOPLE WITH ADHD! HOURS OF FUN!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009

interrupting gone mad in America!

so i am sure you have heard by now about what happened during president Obama's speech. where congressman joe wilson yelled "you lie". i for one thing that what he did was very disrespectful to our president, but it was kinda funny!!!!!!!! i mean come on who has the guts to tell the frieken president that he is a lair during a speech to the congress? that's insane!

also I'm sure you heard about what happend with kanye at the VMAs sooooooooooo funny! he is soooooooooooooooo stupid! i knew that he was stupid before ha but the fact that he would have the guts to run up on stage and interrupt taylor swifts little speech. although i am not her biggest fan i commend her! she made a great name for herself and Kanye is just a dumb ass GO GET EM T-SWIZZLE!!!! WOOOH!

that seems to be the trend these days! interrupting people during a speech! come on America we can do better than this! why couldn't they wait til the end to be stupid!

can you even believe that!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


she went from love story to thug story! that's right taylor swift is now a hardcore rapper! just kidding! i was on facebook a few minutes ago and my friend sent me this video! at first i was really confused but then i watched it and began to laugh sooo hard! taylor swift was rapping? with t-pain! hahaha where did this come from? in the video she raps about baking cookies and knitting sweaters? WTF!?! real thug t-swift! if blondy is just seeking our attention this is just sad! but i must admit this joke rap thing is quite funny and entertaining. who knew she had it in her?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


if the name confuses you it's exactly what it sounds like. soap that smells and looks like popsicles! i would not suggest eating it eve though it might smell delicious. these delicious faux frozen treats will have your hands smelling delicious and your friends helplessly confused this great invention comes in three flavors! the bomb pop, which looks like a firecracker popsicle. the neapolitan for the indecisive ones out there, and the nilla sammie, which looks like an ice cream sandwich on a stick! haha i bet your really hungry and really want to wash your hands right now! WHO KNEW THAT SOMEONE COULD COMBINED THE DELICIOUSNESS AND GREATNESS OF POPSICLES, AN AMAZING FROZEN TREAT WITH THE FUNCTIONALITY OF SOAP! HAHA THIS WORLD IS JUST GREAT!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

HAHAHAHA this is soo funny!

you have to watch this video its ridiculous! lady gaga i preforming her hit song poker face in an acoustic version first of all look at what she is wearing! second of all she yells during part of the song! and third and most important of all what she does with her foot and the keyboard! hahahahahahaha! watch here for yourself ha and share this with everyone you know!! when i watch this it wish her name was lady haha! i used to look up to her! her music just inspired me! pahahah! oh yeah! but now i just love her even more! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK LADY GAGA! I LOOOOOVE! YOU!


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Family Vacation Log

Well all is good. We all piled back into the van and were on the way home. Yesterday was spent in somr museum. Kinda weird, but what ever. This vacation in officially over.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Family vacation log #5

Family vacation hour 20: just heading back from a long day at the beach with paddle ball, bocce ball, and frisbee. at the beach there was a nice little carousel which my family decided to ride on. I got to take a ride on the ostrich! Way coool! After that we got ice cream. All is good for now.

Family Vacation Log #4

Family vacation hour 8 : well this is saw out my window. NOTHING! But now we have arrived. I had some icecream. And now im going to sleep. See you in the morning.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Family Vacation Log #3

Family vacation hour 4: shoot me! The too in the back are giggling its annoying! I just got back in the car from a quick stop at the local dunkin donuts of some small little town in the middle of nowhere. It is the hot spot for the local bikers and elderly folk. The soap in the bathroom smells awful and my computer died. Only a few more hours now

Family Vacation Log #2

Family Vacation Log hour 2: Another fight. Music too loud again so we ask politely and "*#&$*#@&$@*$@!*" the littlest things tick these people off. Hopefully now everyone is sleeping. Haha except for the driver duh and me of course. Im watching 30 rock on my laptop and im happy for now but when my battery dies im going to EXPLODE! good luck family when this computer dies you are going down with it!

Family Vacation Log #1

Family vacation hour one 1: I am now in a mini-van with 5 other people and It hasn't even been an hour yet and I am already annoyed with these people. One is singing! One is talking on the phone. This is going to be a good seven hour ride. The music is so loud I cannot even hear my movie. This is absolutely awful!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Snuggie Update!

So you might know by now that I have a snuggie! I do and it is blue! It is soft and warm and even though it is summerish outside I WEAR IT ALL the time. You are probably saying to yourself why would anyone buy a snuggie? Its a blanket with sleeves. ITS awesome! I love it! And if you think there is something wrong with that go out spend 15 dollars on a snuggie you will love it the second you put it on! Just do not repeat do not! Wear it in public! Hahaha sports events? NO! If you are going to wear your snuggie shut all the shades in your house and make sure no one will see you! JK! I am so proud of mine I sent pictures of me wearing it to my friends! Pinapple.NEW WEBSHOW UNDER CONSTRUCTION! You can watch it right here! This saturday at 4 PM

Sunday, June 14, 2009

if you love ADHD read this!

so adhd is a great thing! i love it and you should love it too! i enjoy running around all day! i love having dance parties with strobe lights. i love having lots and lots and lots of sugar! i love saying words that just roll off the tongue like my favorite word begonia (say it in a british accent). i looove popsicles and lizards. i love my snuggie that keeps me warm when i watch my favorite shows like 30 ROCK! i love bright and shiny things. i love having fun! these things are so typical for people like me, and i am sure that you enjoy many of the same things! if you enjoy this blog or any of the things listed above you should share this site with people to help feed the world great ideas to enjoy life ADHD style! so tell your friends on facebook or twitter or through text messaging maybe you want to write about it in your blog? maybe you want to hire a sky writer? who knows? just tell someone! anyone! tell your family doctor, your principal, your great aunt, your long lost cousins! anyone! just spread the word of this ADHD MAGIC!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

adhd toy!

so have you ever been typing an essay for school on your computer and all of a sudden you get bored? this has recently happened to me while i was typing an essay. decided that it would be really fun to spin around and around on the swivel chair. so i did. i spun round and around and around and
around and around and around
and around! i got so dizzy that when i got up out of the chair i fell down!
hooray for falling and not hurting myself!

another fun thing to do with swivel chairs is to put it
up to the tallest height that it can go. Then sit and spin in
circles and slowly lowering as you spin.
haha and no! i do not spend all of my
time thinking of things like that.
only half :).

Monday, June 8, 2009

To point out the obvious

Hey! Guess what I have adhd! I had some sugar. When I eat sugar I EXPlODE! BOOM BOOM! I want more! Soda soda soda soda! Candy candy candy! I want it! Chocolate with chocolate sauce! Coloring books! I want some coloring books! And the biggest box of crayola crayons ever! I have always wanted giant legos to make a clubhouse out of them! The ADHD headquarters. If you have adhd don't keep it to youself yell out loud. Tell your friends! Don't be ashamed! Adhd forever!