Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fun Word of the Week! (first post)

new segment to this blog called fun words to say! this weeks fun word to say is BEGONIA!!! its such a delightful word that just rolls off the tongue. try saying this word out loud. now try to say it five times fast. now try to say BEGONIA with a British accent!!!!!! 
begonia |biˈgōnyə; -nēə|
nouna herbaceous plant of warm climates, the bright flowers of which have brightly colored sepals but no petals. Numerouscultivated varieties of begonia are grown for their flowers or for their striking foliage. • Genus Begonia, family Begoniaceae.ORIGIN modern Latin, named after Michel Bégon (1638–1710), French amateur botanist who discovered the plant on the island of Santo Domingo and introduced it to Europe. hahahahahaha what a silly word!

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