Monday, September 14, 2009

interrupting gone mad in America!

so i am sure you have heard by now about what happened during president Obama's speech. where congressman joe wilson yelled "you lie". i for one thing that what he did was very disrespectful to our president, but it was kinda funny!!!!!!!! i mean come on who has the guts to tell the frieken president that he is a lair during a speech to the congress? that's insane!

also I'm sure you heard about what happend with kanye at the VMAs sooooooooooo funny! he is soooooooooooooooo stupid! i knew that he was stupid before ha but the fact that he would have the guts to run up on stage and interrupt taylor swifts little speech. although i am not her biggest fan i commend her! she made a great name for herself and Kanye is just a dumb ass GO GET EM T-SWIZZLE!!!! WOOOH!

that seems to be the trend these days! interrupting people during a speech! come on America we can do better than this! why couldn't they wait til the end to be stupid!

can you even believe that!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


she went from love story to thug story! that's right taylor swift is now a hardcore rapper! just kidding! i was on facebook a few minutes ago and my friend sent me this video! at first i was really confused but then i watched it and began to laugh sooo hard! taylor swift was rapping? with t-pain! hahaha where did this come from? in the video she raps about baking cookies and knitting sweaters? WTF!?! real thug t-swift! if blondy is just seeking our attention this is just sad! but i must admit this joke rap thing is quite funny and entertaining. who knew she had it in her?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


if the name confuses you it's exactly what it sounds like. soap that smells and looks like popsicles! i would not suggest eating it eve though it might smell delicious. these delicious faux frozen treats will have your hands smelling delicious and your friends helplessly confused this great invention comes in three flavors! the bomb pop, which looks like a firecracker popsicle. the neapolitan for the indecisive ones out there, and the nilla sammie, which looks like an ice cream sandwich on a stick! haha i bet your really hungry and really want to wash your hands right now! WHO KNEW THAT SOMEONE COULD COMBINED THE DELICIOUSNESS AND GREATNESS OF POPSICLES, AN AMAZING FROZEN TREAT WITH THE FUNCTIONALITY OF SOAP! HAHA THIS WORLD IS JUST GREAT!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

HAHAHAHA this is soo funny!

you have to watch this video its ridiculous! lady gaga i preforming her hit song poker face in an acoustic version first of all look at what she is wearing! second of all she yells during part of the song! and third and most important of all what she does with her foot and the keyboard! hahahahahahaha! watch here for yourself ha and share this with everyone you know!! when i watch this it wish her name was lady haha! i used to look up to her! her music just inspired me! pahahah! oh yeah! but now i just love her even more! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK LADY GAGA! I LOOOOOVE! YOU!