Monday, September 14, 2009

interrupting gone mad in America!

so i am sure you have heard by now about what happened during president Obama's speech. where congressman joe wilson yelled "you lie". i for one thing that what he did was very disrespectful to our president, but it was kinda funny!!!!!!!! i mean come on who has the guts to tell the frieken president that he is a lair during a speech to the congress? that's insane!

also I'm sure you heard about what happend with kanye at the VMAs sooooooooooo funny! he is soooooooooooooooo stupid! i knew that he was stupid before ha but the fact that he would have the guts to run up on stage and interrupt taylor swifts little speech. although i am not her biggest fan i commend her! she made a great name for herself and Kanye is just a dumb ass GO GET EM T-SWIZZLE!!!! WOOOH!

that seems to be the trend these days! interrupting people during a speech! come on America we can do better than this! why couldn't they wait til the end to be stupid!

can you even believe that!

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