Tuesday, September 8, 2009


if the name confuses you it's exactly what it sounds like. soap that smells and looks like popsicles! i would not suggest eating it eve though it might smell delicious. these delicious faux frozen treats will have your hands smelling delicious and your friends helplessly confused this great invention comes in three flavors! the bomb pop, which looks like a firecracker popsicle. the neapolitan for the indecisive ones out there, and the nilla sammie, which looks like an ice cream sandwich on a stick! haha i bet your really hungry and really want to wash your hands right now! WHO KNEW THAT SOMEONE COULD COMBINED THE DELICIOUSNESS AND GREATNESS OF POPSICLES, AN AMAZING FROZEN TREAT WITH THE FUNCTIONALITY OF SOAP! HAHA THIS WORLD IS JUST GREAT!

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