Sunday, June 14, 2009

if you love ADHD read this!

so adhd is a great thing! i love it and you should love it too! i enjoy running around all day! i love having dance parties with strobe lights. i love having lots and lots and lots of sugar! i love saying words that just roll off the tongue like my favorite word begonia (say it in a british accent). i looove popsicles and lizards. i love my snuggie that keeps me warm when i watch my favorite shows like 30 ROCK! i love bright and shiny things. i love having fun! these things are so typical for people like me, and i am sure that you enjoy many of the same things! if you enjoy this blog or any of the things listed above you should share this site with people to help feed the world great ideas to enjoy life ADHD style! so tell your friends on facebook or twitter or through text messaging maybe you want to write about it in your blog? maybe you want to hire a sky writer? who knows? just tell someone! anyone! tell your family doctor, your principal, your great aunt, your long lost cousins! anyone! just spread the word of this ADHD MAGIC!!!!!!!!

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