Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Snuggie Update!

So you might know by now that I have a snuggie! I do and it is blue! It is soft and warm and even though it is summerish outside I WEAR IT ALL the time. You are probably saying to yourself why would anyone buy a snuggie? Its a blanket with sleeves. ITS awesome! I love it! And if you think there is something wrong with that go out spend 15 dollars on a snuggie you will love it the second you put it on! Just do not repeat do not! Wear it in public! Hahaha sports events? NO! If you are going to wear your snuggie shut all the shades in your house and make sure no one will see you! JK! I am so proud of mine I sent pictures of me wearing it to my friends! Pinapple.NEW WEBSHOW UNDER CONSTRUCTION! You can watch it right here! This saturday at 4 PM

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