Friday, March 6, 2009

I met a witch! (not really)

today i met some girl. she looks like a witch, and i asked her if she knew any magic spells, but she said no. then i asked her if she had a magic flying broom, and she again said no. then i asked her if she had a cat and of course she said no. This witch has no cauldron no wand no nothing! She is a witch without a doubt, but i guess she is a failure as a witch. so i asked her if she would be my best friend she said " i dont know you kid, but i guess so". so now i can honestly say that i am best friends with a witch, but she might have to go back to pezwarts and learn a thing or two about being a witch. ( for the record i dont really think she is a witch, she just looks like a witch to me)

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