Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pez dispensers are not just for dispensing pez.

Pez are very delicious there is no doubt about that, but what's better than the pez itself is the dispenser! here are some fun things that can be done with pez dispensers for fun.
  1.  a magic wand to play wizards you could be Harry Pezter from Pezwarts.
  2. puppets!!! if you buy the dispensers with heads on them they can be used as puppets,or PezPets, and you will be the hit of your child's birthday party ( WARNING DO NOT ATTEMPT UNLESS YOU NEVER WANT TO SPEAK TO YOUR CHILD AGAIN)
  3. it makes a great FOB!
  4.  wtf is a fob?
  5. Pocket pal NEVER Be lonely again
  6. Drum sticks!!! take any two pez dispensers, and any hard surface, then pound away! you might find that you are actually good at the drums chances are your wont.
  7. Crash dummy! 
  8.  due to my ADHD this list ends at 8

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