Monday, May 18, 2009

darn that elevator music!

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Have you ever walked into an elevator alone and didn't know what to do with yourself on the way up? do you know what makes the situation worse? ELEVATOR MUSIC! it is so boring! 

with its slow tempo and lack of lyrics elevator music is not fun enough for this elevator rider. why can't elevators have some sort of techno electronic music and a nice strobe light set up? people want to have fun in elevators, because they are not just for boring old business men. i dont know about you but i would very much enjoy dance parties while waiting for my floor!

Just imagine get into an elevator, then as soon as the doors shut the lights in the elevator go off, and then all of sudden a disco ball drops and strobe lights appear!! your day is now much better!

and i am sure escalators feel very left out. 
why don't escalators get there own music. 
from now on all escalators should have some sort of classic rock! 
think about how much better life will be!  

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