Wednesday, May 27, 2009

fun word of the week number 5!

this weeks fun word of the week is gecko! gah it is just one of my favorite words! i also really want a gecko they are so cool yo! have you ever seen that geico commercial with the gecko doing the robot! it is great the geico gecko is my hero!! like i don't care about car insurance right now haha, but those commercials are just so great! ok now say gecko with a british accent, because the accent is what takes a fun word to say and makes it 1048095095353 times better! GECKO GECKO GECKO! another reason why gecko is such a great word is because a gecko as you may already know is.... A LIZARD!!!!! I LOVE LIZARDS!!! LIZARDO!! HAHAHA. lizards make up half of this years oh yeah! tag team! POPSICLES AND LIZARDS! HAHA THAT FROZEN GOODNESS! if you don't get it click the play button on the side where it says press the play button. also just as a reminder that if you want to have your amazing crayon art posted on the monday blog post send and email with your picture attached to it to GECKO GECKO GECKO!

gecko |ˈgekō|noun ( pl. -os or -oes)a nocturnal and often highly vocal lizard that has adhesive pads on the feet to assist in climbing on smooth surfaces. It is widespread in warm regions. • Gekkonidae and related families: numerous genera and species.ORIGIN late 18th cent.: from Malay dialect geko, gekok, imitative of its cry.
haha it is named after the noise it makes!

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