Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fun word of the week NUMBER 4

this weeks word of the week is DUCKLING. haha oh those little ducks!!  hahaha quack quack quack! the best is when you see those things in a line following there mother duckling. i have always wanted a duck, but more specifically a duckling!! those baby ducks!! they are so silly and fluffy and QUACKFULL! i hate to say it but ducklings are probably one of the best ADHD toy! because they probably wont stop moving either!! now try this..... first say the word in two. Duh Cling! FUN STUFF! now say it with stress on the D! weeeeee! now what you must do is run around in a circle saying im a duckling i am a duckling then quack!! haha and if you could film that and put it on youtube. then share the video with the iloveadhd community by putting a link to your video on the i love adhd facebook page and by putting a link to it on a comment for this post. and remember DUCKLING DUCKLING DUCKLING DUCKLING!

duckling |ˈdəkli ng |nouna young duck.• the flesh of a young duck as food.
WAIT WHAT?????? ^^^^ read the definition again?                                    

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