Wednesday, May 13, 2009


this weeks fun word to say is KANKLE! hahaha what a great word? do you have them? i don't!! haha they are so silly!!! kankle! it reminds me of kangaroo, but mixed with skunk! haha. this word never lets me down. i stumbled upon this fun word to say today during my lunch. when i was sliding down the railing and of course being really hyper!!! i all of a sudden blurted out the word KANKLE while pretending to be a sloth! hahaha. oh you must say this while being upside down! it adds to it in such a great way. KANKLE! ha that will never get old in my book.
cankle |ˈka ng kəl|noun informalan unusually thick or stout ankle.ORIGIN blend of calf and ankle.

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