Friday, May 29, 2009

Micropets! They are awesome!

Do remember those toys called micropets? They were like two inch tall animal looking things that beep and make noise and have lights flashing when they hear sound. Probably the dumbest toy ever invented. Anyway... I find it really fun to hide two of then when they are on. Then to snap my fingers and make them go off! Haha I call them my minions! My friend gave me two of them yesterday and they are my loyal minions! I tell people to follow through with my demands or face my minions. I have a tiger and a dog. The dog one Is messed up though so instead of barking it makes a weird roaring noise that kind of sounds like it is meowing! So anyways go buy some of these awful toys I bet they sell them on ebay. Then hide them and snap your fingers and set them off. You too can have minions! LIZARDS AND POPSICLES!

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