Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Things people with ADHD don't care about

First off people with adhd don't like politics. BORING! But we do of course like Barack Obama. He is the man! We realy could care less about day time television. We prefer to watch late night comedies such as SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE! And the tonight show with jay leno! Thurdays on NBC are ADHD heaven! Shows like the office and 30 rock! Wooh!! We also don't care about eating healthy! Its vastly over rated If you ask me. We can eat what we want because we burn off the fat while beinging hyper which is the majority of the time for us ADHDers. One big thing we don't care about is using exclamations in proper context! We pop that punctuation on any damn sentence we please! !B!E!C!O!M!E!!A!!F!O!L!L!O!W!E!R!

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