Sunday, May 24, 2009


First off congrats to SYDNIE for winning this weeks crayon creations! She drew a picture of her lovely cat pearl. You too can get you crayon art posted on the monday blog post if you email a picture of it to if you are chosen you will see your art featured! Be sure to check back the monday after you entered. And I now declare this week lori beth denberg week! A week celebrating LORI BETH DENBERG! You may know her from the old NICK show ALL THAT! She was a goofy little girl with a great sense of humor. You may also know her from the movie dodge ball! Remember that scene where its a flashback of cheerleading tryouts? She was the CHUNKY CHEERLEADER. I love her. She is an inspiration to all! Some day I wish I could meet her! You can celebrate this LBD week by watching all that, and clips of all that on youtube. You can also watch dodgeball. Also spread the word of this splendid week to your friends! Lets make this a week nobody will ever forget. ROCK ON!

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