Wednesday, May 6, 2009


this weeks fun word to say is PERIWINKLE! again the word is more fun to say with a British accent, so do try it! haha the reason PERIWINKLE is the fun word to say of the week is because obviously it is fun to say but take a second to split the single word into two. you have peri and you have winkle. the two words are already fun to say on their own but together they make this weeks fun word to say, PERIWINKLE!
 periwinkle 1 |ˈperiˌwi ng kəl|
nounan Old World plant with flat, five-petaled flowers and glossy leaves. Some kinds are grown as ornamentals, and some contain alkaloids used in medicine• Genera Vinca and Catharanthusfamily Apocynaceae.ORIGIN late Old English peruince, from late Latin pervinca, reinforced in Middle English by Anglo-Norman Frenchpervenke. The change of -v- to -w- and the addition of -le seem to have occurred before the appearance of periwinkle .periwinkle 2 |ˈpɛrəˈwɪŋkəl| |ˈpɛriˈwɪŋkəl| |ˈpɛrɪwɪŋk(ə)l|nounanother term for winkle .ORIGIN mid 16th cent.: of unknown origin.hahaha winkle!!!! if you actually took the time to say PERIWINKLE in a British accent congratulations you are awesome!

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